Barbara Borko


Visual identity

Client: Some Designers

“In Between” was an international collaborative project for painters, sculptors, media, sound, interaction and visual artists from 11 different countries. The Project’s main goal was to define a synergy between analogue and digital art and transform it into a new interactive hybrid artwork. The aim of the exhibition was to explain, portray and investigate our position in between changing truths, meanings and beliefs. The exhibition took the visitors into a world defined by polarities and oppositions.

I was responsible for creating the visual identity, merchandising and marketing. The 3 different posters which I created for the event were. The different posters were designed in a way, that they could be placed one next to each other, indefinitely.

Inspired by the posters a photoboot was created, which allowed the visitor to print a photo, which had the same effects as they were used on the poster.

At the exhibition the visitors were able to take home several postcards and stickers. The stickers featured a word play, in the theme of the exhibition. which could be also found on textile bags.