Barbara Borko


Exhibition materials

Client: Alice Stori Liechtenstein

Morphosis is continuous change, without a proper beginning and no foreseeable end. It would be reductive to think Morphosis only occurs in organisms, but rather, we should acknowledge it is transformation happening across the spectrum: inanimate objects, habits, cultures, morals, all change one very small step at the time, by adapting and morphing into something new, pushed in a direction by external agents.

Morphosis was an exhibition curated by Alice Stori Liectenstein, opening within Designmonat Graz on 5.5.2017, in the Styrian castle Hollenegg. The visual identity and the acryl illustrations, were done by Giada Fiorindi, while I designed the layout and illustration of the visitors map, illustrated the exhibits, prepared the layout for the visitor's map, prepared the concept and layout for the description boards and finally designed a direction system with stickers.

As the visitors entered the exhibition, they received a map with help of which they could follow the directions in order to find the exhibition rooms. For easier orientation, the map was accompanied by morphing stickers, placed on the floor. Their aim was to help the visitor find his current location and to guide them through the exhibition. The boards were laser cut out of plywood.