Barbara Borko

Slovenian Heritage

Visual identity and editorial design

Personal project / Masters thesis

Slovenia is mostly known for its beautiful nature and less for the many interesting Slovenian folk tales, legends and myths. That is why I have decided to create a brand called Slovenian Heritage, which promotes these old stories. The brand offers a series of products, from a guide book to T-shirts. Symbols and elements of stories featured on the products are presented in a modern and edgy way and should be especially appealing for the young travellers.

Slovenian Heritage was my Master thesis, which is currently in production. The 5 legends presented in the book and products were chosen based on their location or because they are iconic stories, known in Slovenia.

The brand’s guide book can offer a different insight and allows the tourist to explore these seemingly ‘ordinary’ places in a more exciting way. The book features stories, illustrations, and simple maps of the locations of the stories. The idea was also to promote and support local businesses, that is why all products were made in Slovenia.

Business gifts