Barbara Borko


Visual identity and exhibition materials

Client: Alice Stori Liechtenstein

Since the Industrial Revolution, the pace of daily life has been constantly speeding up. For every generation since, yesterday is slower than tomorrow. We have trained ourselves to execute all tasks quickly, in order to optimise our most expensive resource: time. Consequently, slow has become a pejorative, synonym with excessive time consumption and therefore expensive.

Slow was an exhibition curated by Alice Stori Liectenstein, opening within Designmonat Graz on 7.5.2016, in the beautiful castle Hollenegg. While the exhibition design was done by Ksenia Eross, I designed the visual identity of the exhibition. I also made illustrations of all exhibits and other elements of the exhibition map, prepared the layout for the visitor's map as well as the direction and description boards.

As the visitors entered the exhibition, they received a map with help of which they could follow the directions in order to find the exhibition rooms. For easier orientation, the map was accompanied by distinct direction boards, placed on the wall. Their aim was to help the visitor find his current location and to guide them through the exhibition. The boards were laser cut out of plywood. Most of the direction boards had an hourglass attached to it, which was able to turn.

The aim of the exhibition was to show the visitors that they can and should take their time and experience pieces which were made in the (recent) past, displayed in that exact moment, and in a way timeless. This was achieved with the placement of the exhibited pieces, the way visitors were leat trough the castle and the overall feel of the exhibition.