Barbara Borko

Unikat catalogues

Exhibition materials

Client: Alice Stori Liechtenstein

I was selected as a finalist at Brumen 7 - 7th Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications (2013-2015), for the design and illustrations of the smaller Unikat catalogue. The catalogue was featured in the finalist book and on exhibition of the biennial.

Unikat was an exhibition curated by Alice Stori Liechtenstein. Unikat opened on 2.5.2015 within Designmonat Graz. It brought together 23 designers and artists. It presented works on the disappearing boundary between art and design, in an attempt to question preconceptions about the two disciplines and redefine classification.

Visual identity of the Unikat exhibition was made by Alice Stori Liechtenstein; illustrations and the layouts were made by Barbara Borko.

I designed two catalogues: small catalogue for the visitors and a big catalogue that was designed after the exhibition for the designers and artists.